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I mainly work as a cinematographer also known under the name director of photography (DoP), lighting camerawoman or camjo.
Next to that I have over 12 years experience in editing, producing and allround film making.
I have worked on many types of productions like documentary, commercial, corporate film, fast news reportage, feature film, music video, live-camera, short film.
Productions varying between a big crew and a one woman army.
Different types of camera and light equipment are common to me.
For editing I use DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and After Effects.


2007-2007 Mandarin at Beijing Filmacademy, China.

2006-2007 Mandarin at Tsinghua University Beijing, China.

2003-2005 Film academy, Camera department (Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen ‘Konrad Wolf’ Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany).

2002-2003 Audiovisual Media (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht).

1995-1999 Art Academy, Fine Art department (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht).

1989-1994 Senior general secondary education (HAVO ‘Bornego College’ Heerenveen).



Dutch (native)

English (fluent)

German (fluent)

Mandarin Chinese (fluent)

Spanish (intermediate)



‘Game Theory’, a mathematical movie. Director: Santi Spadaro.

‘Tangostudio Amsterdam’, short tango movie. Director: Danielle Riegel.

‘Centrum Assemblage’, short movie about the core of dancing, with Bennie Bartels.

‘The Bondage Network’, 48h project. Director: Santi Spadaro.

‘The Itch’, short film about an itchy man in Hong Kong. Director: David Attali.

‘Temps de Mode’ TVC in Hong Kong. Director: Alejandro Suárez Lozano.

‘Time 2 U’, watch commercial for FashionTV. Director: Alejandro Suárez Lozano.

‘The Last Act’, feature film about the visions of a man suffering several strokes. Director: Jeff Kennedy, produced by Dragon Horse Films in Hong Kong.

‘The Domino Effect’, assistant Guido van Gennep. Director Paula van der Oest.

‘Birthday Visit’, a father is two months late for his daughter’s birthday. Director: Elaine Lai.

‘Taiyangyu’, an orphan and a dancer. Director: Cai Congcong.

‘MTK’, German video clip in Beijing. Director: Jan Kern.

‘Baiyangdian’, Chinese traveling commercial. Director Guyu.

‘Ein Spaziergang’, (16mm) old man is doing his afternoon walk. Director: Tinatin Gurchiani.

‘Via Dolorosa’, (8mm) about man and power. Director: Evgeny Sergeev.

‘Krieg der Viren’, a conflict in an underground car park. Director: Timo Quistorff.

‘Zeit und Ewigkeit’, (16mm) short film about time. Director: Evgeny Sergeev.

‘Vinexueel’, particular neighbourhood on a normal day. Director: Jan-Pieter van IJzendoorn.



‘Sergio Wielzen, One championship’ reportage item.

‘Lessons learned in polio eradication’ with Christine McNab, Global Health Development.

‘DNA onbekend’, Chinese parents tell their story about their lost daughter during the one child policy.

‘Het oude kind’ documentary about Tao. Director: Frank de Rooij.

‘Tango promo’ documentary about dancing tango.

‘The mind of the Universe’, VPRO tv series. Director: Rob van Hattum.

‘De LocHal’, documentary about the LocHal in Tilburg. Director: Frans Parthesius.

‘Through the Wormhole’, American science documentary series.

‘Traumwohnung in der Traumstadt’, ZDF TV-docu.

‘VPRO Tegenlicht’, clean technologies in China and Hong Kong. Director: Rob van Hattum.

‘Het geheim van de HEMA’, In-Soo Productions. Director: Yan Ting Yuen.

‘Steetkids in Medellín’, foundation looks back on their project in Colombia. Director: Urban Skargren.

‘Sinosphére’, French magazine TV-program. Producer: Baize Production.

‘Wu Tang Gran’, 70 years old Chinese and her crew in a break-dance battle. Director: Patrick Carr.

‘Inner Mongolia’, Indonesian traveling program in China. Director: Han Han.

‘Ein Sonntag’, (16mm) observation about 3 people spending their Sunday. Director: Tinatin Gurchiani.

‘TIK TAK THEE’, rhythmical film about a tea factory in Taiwan. Director: Esther Verkaik.

‘Blumenleben’, (16mm) a couple is keeping a flower shop. Director: Esther Verkaik.

‘Lucky Luk’, a Belgian man finding his home in Poland. Director: Esther Verkaik.

‘HANDMATE made in Taiwan’, the business in the TTT-Puppet Centre in Taipei. Director: Esther Verkaik.

‘Xiamen Opera and Dance School’, the director is promoting his school. Director: Esther Verkaik.

‘Glasz & Water’, observation in an eel factory. Director: Esther Verkaik.



Tuvalu Media

Reuters, Thomson Reuters Television Benelux

AP news Netherlands


Warner Bros


Ruvido Produzioni Srl

Straywave Media Production



IMG Singapore Pte Ltd


Discovery Channel

Saga Media Germany

Abu Dhabi Media Company

Al Jazeera

AP press Beijing

Asiaworks Beijing

AT5 Amsterdam television channel

Bloomberg Beijing

CTVS Beijing

FLY Films Shanghai

Gung-Ho Beijing

Mandarin Film Beijing

MTNL Amsterdam multicultural


RTL4 in China


Popcorn Brain



Big Shots


Babyccino Kids

Allshoes Michelin

Mandarin Stars



Brunswick Group

Ybera hair products

LEE jeans

Canadian International School of Hong Kong


Volvo Beijing


HTC mobile

Australian embassy

Discover China

Ajax / Aegon


Johnson & Johnson


Rabobank Nederland

Jack Morton

Louis Vuitton

Herbal life



CTVS Beijing


NOB / Technicolor


Telegraaf Video Media BV

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